A Framework for Integration between E-Health Systems and New Technologies


Smart City
Big Data
, Cloud


Internet of Things (IoT) has made the world a small village, provided new and more sophisticated services in the whole fields and especially in the health domain. It has removed the barrier of time and space and enabled the user to access his services at any time, from anywhere and with any device. The unlimited development of IoT objects for the health sector found large volume of interest by researchers from the humanitarian and social side as well as from services and commercial side to employing these smart objects and technologies for improving the level of services, however, that faced with many limitations. The most important one is, no unified framework with central database and unique electronic file for all individuals in the society, in addition to the privacy and security issues. This research proposes a framework and web-based application for managing the health system in the Smart City environment by creating unique E-health file and Smart Card for each person to record and store all health events, and enhance the performance, privacy and efficiency of this sector by relying on the Fog computing along with the cloud, and IoT entities.