A Cross-over, Spill-over Effect of incivility on Intra-group Cohesion:


Workplace incivility, Intra-group cohesion, Interpersonal conflict, Self-Categorization Theory

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Irfan, M., Ali, S., & Ahmed, M. (2020). A Cross-over, Spill-over Effect of incivility on Intra-group Cohesion:. International Journal of Human Potentials Management, 2(1), 23-42. Retrieved from http://abmjournal.org/index.php/ijhpm/article/view/25


Employees construe behaviors in multiple ways depending upon their perception of a particular action or event. Alike positive organizational events, negative workplace events (perceived incivility) also create spill-over and cross-over effect among employees as an organizational member. It is with this purpose the current study investigates the impact of perceived workplace incivility on intra-group cohesion through a mediating channel of interpersonal conflict. Theoretical support has been provided to the framework through self-categorization theory which adds theoretical rigor and adds value to the existing literature. The data was collected from 200 employees working in the apparel (retail) sector in the Lahore region. Process Hayes (model 4) was employed to test the mediating effect(s). The results revealed that perceived workplace incivility negatively affects intra-group cohesion among organizational members whereas interpersonal conflict significantly mediates the relationship between perceived incivility and intra-group cohesion. The theoretical and practical implications have been discussed in detail.

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